Independent speech and language therapy, advice and support for children and young people in West Central Scotland


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I can provide a variety of training courses including:

  1. BulletHanen It Takes Two To Talk

This is a 12 week research based program designed for a group of parents of young children with language delays. It focuses on helping parents to learn how to foster their child’s language development during everyday routines and activities.

  1. BulletHanen Learning Language and Loving It

This is a 12 week program designed for pre-school staff and primary teachers and pupil support assistants working with children in the early stages of primary school. It is a research based program focused on developing children’s social, language and literacy development as part of everyday activities and conversations. It is designed to help children who are at risk of language delay, have language disorders and who are learning English as a second language.

  1. BulletHanen Teacher Talk

This program is designed for teaching staff to introduce them to the Learning Language and Loving It approach (see above) over a much shorter time scale. It is composed of 3 one day training sessions and is designed for a group of up to 30 nursery nurses/pre-school staff or early stage primary teachers and classroom assistants.

More information on the above courses can be found on the Hanen website.

  1. BulletSpeech, language and communication development in the early years

This is designed to provide training on typical speech, language and communication development for groups of parents as well as those working with young children in nurseries and schools. It will include advice on how to identify any problems, how best to target these and strategies on working with children with speech, language and communication delays and disorders.

I can also ‘tailor make’ a programme for you depending on your training requirements.

For more information on fees and to discuss your requirements, please contact me.