I work with pre-school and school aged children with difficulties in the following areas:

  1. BulletSpeech sound delay (resulting in difficulties with specific sounds and/or speech that is difficult to understand in comparison to other children of the same age)

  2. BulletLanguage delay (which results in difficulties with appropriate and functional use of language and understanding of instructions and questions)

  3. BulletSpecific language impairment

  4. BulletDysfluency/stammering

If you feel that your child may benefit from help targeting the above areas, please give me a call or send me an e-mail detailing your concerns. I am happy to offer an no-obligation brief phone or e-mail consultation free of charge to help you decide if independent speech and language therapy is right for you.

If you decide to go ahead, I can offer the following home based services:

  1. BulletSpeech and language assessment and diagnosis

  2. BulletA written report detailing assessment findings and recommendations

  3. BulletBlocks of therapy

  4. BulletHome programmes of therapy (following full assessment)

  5. BulletReview appointments

  1. BulletSpeech and language assessment (including written report)

The initial assessment visit will be our first opportunity to meet and fully discuss the concerns you have relating to your child’s speech, language and communication development.

This will involve taking a case history (gathering extensive information about your child’s communication skills and relevant developmental history), as well as formal and informal assessment of their speech, language and/or communication skills. Assessment will involve the use of a range of standardised and non-standardised assessments. The type of assessment used will depend on the age and needs of your child and may involve assessment through play (particularly for younger children).

On completion of the assessment, you will receive a written report summarising assessment findings and recommendations.

Initial assessment usually takes between 1-2 hours. This may be over 1 or 2 sessions, again depending on the age and needs of your child. We can discuss the length and type of assessment that I feel may be most appropriate for your child with you at our initial meeting.

  1. BulletIndividual Therapy Sessions

Following initial assessment, if direct therapy is recommended and you are happy to proceed, I can provide therapy sessions at your home. The content and duration of these sessions will depend on your child’s age and needs but will typically last from between 30-45 minutes, and will be focused on working on pre-agreed therapy goals. This includes time for us to discuss progress and for me to provide advice to help with carryover of strategies and areas worked on in sessions.

I usually offer therapy in blocks of 6-8 sessions and provide advice or programmes of work to be completed at home during and at the end of a block. This helps with consolidation and maintenance of gains made over the course of a therapy block.

At the end of a block of therapy, you have several options. If your child has met all goals set for them, you feel happy with the progress made and are no longer concerned about their speech, language or communication development, they can be discharged. If more therapy is recommended, another block of therapy can be arranged, or a home programme provided for use in between blocks of therapy.

  1. BulletReview appointments

I am happy to review your child’s progress at any time during a therapy block or following a break between therapy blocks. This will involve re-assessing their speech, language and communication using formal assessments. As with the initial appointment, the assessments used will depend on your areas of concern and your child’s age and attention levels.

A brief summary report will be provided following this.

N.B. It is expected that an adult will be present at all times during assessment and therapy sessions

Independent speech and language therapy, advice and support for children and young people in West Central Scotland


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